Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – Is It A Scam?

Is it a scam?  Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Mike Geary, the creator of the Truth about Six Pack Abs System is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). In this course he claims you can discover how to eliminate the hard to remove body fat and reveal your abdominals quickly and easily.

truthsixpackabs Truth About Six Pack Abs Review   Is It A Scam?

We’ve heard nothing but fantastic reviews about this product – A+

Overall rating:

  • Effectiveness/Usefulness:    96/100
  • Features/Ingredients:    95/100
  • Product Safety/build quality:  97/100
  • Speed of Results/ease of use:    89/100
  • Long Term Results:    93/100
  • Overall Value:     95/100


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Best Used For:

The Truth About Six Pack Abs review program was developed as a total body slimming solution to improve appearances and shed unwanted pounds.  Like any other weight loss program this is not a miracle solution, hard work is involved, you can’t just sit around waiting for results.

Truth About Six Pack Abs Scam ?

Through many years of training others, Mike Geary has covered many of the myths and secrets to getting the perfect six pack abs.

Did you know that by doing boring situps is not the best way to sculpt your abs?  This program shows you exactly what to do and when to do it to get maximum results.

Here’s some of the information included in the Truth About Six Pack Abs Review:

  • Some of his methods to increase your ab muscles, lose weight and get the body you’ve always wanted include:
  • Determining the carefully disguised health foods that are really junk food in disguise.
  • Why Ab exercises like crunches, ab machines, st ups and rollers are some of the least effective at actually revealing your six pack abs.
  • Why you don’t need to waster money on expensive diet pills or supplements.
  • Why the top ab products are a waste of time and money, and how you can get better results with real workouts and real nutritional strategies that work.
  • Find out exactly how to get 10x better results without doing boring repetitive exercises.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review


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truthsixpack Truth About Six Pack Abs Review   Is It A Scam?

Price: $39.95 for the standard package or $59 for the deluxe package

User Base: Worldwide

Website Title: How to lose stubborn belly fat. Get flat six pack abs the right way!
Standout Features:

With the Truth About Abs system you receive a 117 page ebook detailing the secrets behind the ab building system. you also get seven bonus products from seven fitness professionals detailing ways to improve your appearance, stay healthy, get in shape and maintain proper diet. There’s also a free fat loss guide included with email signup.

Here’s what’s included with the full package:

  • The Truth About Abs course book
  • Bonus #1 – Turbulence Training the 8-week Dumbbell Bodyweight Fusion Fat Loss Program from popular fitness trainer Craig Ballantyne
  • Bonus # 2 – The Stability Ball Killer Abs Workout
  • Bonus # 3 – Ultimate Stair Exercises workoutk, by Virgil Aponte
  • Bonus # 4 – Smoothies for Athletes ebook by Ryan Lee
  • Bonus # 5 – Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success by Tom Nicoli
  • Bonus # 6 – 10-Minute Full Body Stretch Routine by Kevin Gianni
  • Bonus # 7 – 30 day Global Health & Fitness Exclusive Membership for Free

Plus an new risk, sixty day unconditional money back guarantee.


The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is an e-book that offers the following:

  • The exact exercises that create 6 pack abs
  • Proper diet plans and what to eat for strength training
  • Toning your abs needs more than just abdominal exercises.
  • The wrong exercises that you are doing right now

Final thoughts on the truth about six pack abs review

The Truth About Six Pack Abs will give you the results and six pack abs that you have been dreaming of!  Both women and men can benefit from this full body sculpting solution to tone and sculpt your abs. Benefits to people like you who want to tone down and develop six pack abs.


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Frequently asked questions:


What are the main types of exercises involved?  Is it mostly cardio, heavy weights or a mixture?

Mostly you will be doing cardio but there is the option for more advanced heavy weights training.

My kids keep me really busy, is this product made for people with little time?

There is no such thing as a miracle cure that doesn’t involve hard work.  You will have to make time and devote energy for this product to work.

Is The Truth About Six Pack Abs Scam

No.  This product has thousands of satisfied customers who got rock solid abs.  With everything it depends on your level of motivation.  You will not get six pack abs overnight and hard work is involved.

Have you tried the Truth About Six Pack Abs Program, “Is it a scam, does it work great, or is it a huge value for the money?” Please enter your comments and reviews below:

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  1. Heidi says:

    i wish it was an actual book and not an ebook id rather have the book in m hands . i purchased it onlne but got a refund the next day because of that very reason, its not in my hands, can’t put in my purse etc. i realy wish i could get that book . Also the bonus stuff that came with it i read in one night about food and it ahs taken me to a different way of what food is really.

  2. Lindsey says:

    I’m really glad that I bought your e-book and stuck to the programs.

    Still have a little more body fat to lose, but I can already tell that a visible six pack is just a few more weeks away!

    Thank you for all the advice and words of motivation.

    This is far more than what I was expecting for my money!

  3. Victoria says:

    Some men are really conscious on how they body actually look like. And that’s the reason why my younger brother asked me to look for a solution for his abs problem. Fortunately, while I was searching for the best solution for his problem, I stumbled upon this amazing product. The Truth About Six Pack Abs was really great. I actually bought one for my younger brother and I can see now the results. The price is worth it. This helped my brother develop his abs quickly. It’s no joke. He found this very effective and I, myself, can testify that. His body improved a lot. Well, that, thanks to me since I’m the one who have discovered The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

  4. Terry says:

    The Truth About Six Pack Abs is worth your every penny. My friend tried it and he was so happy with the results. I’ve also heard that some of his friends tried this product and said that it is really effective. All the body fats on my friend’s stomach were all gone after a week of buying The Truth About Six Pack Abs. After that, his abs begin to show. I was amazed on how effective the guides are in developing the abs. Now, he can go shirtless with confidence. It has been his dream to have six packs of abs. I would sometimes tease him that he doesn’t need to buy a shirt anymore. Having his abs can make him save a lot. Then, he would just laugh.

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