The Fat Burning Furnace Review

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Fat Burning Furnace is an easy to follow and comprehensive program which you can get splendid results with as long as you’re determined to give it all. . It is based on proper nutrition and weight training. By enhancing your muscle tissue, you actually burn more calories each hour.

Overall rating:

  • Effectiveness/Usefulness:   96/100
  • Features/Ingredients:    95/100
  • Product Safety/build quality:    97/100
  • Speed of Results/ease of use:   89/100
  • Long Term Results:    93/100
  • Overall Value:   95/100

Does Fat Burning Furnace Work?

fat burning furnace review 150x150 The Fat Burning Furnace Review

fat burning furnace review

Rob Poulos’ Fat Burning Furnace is new fitness program that is so popular; it claims to allow you to lose weight while exercising 45 minutes every week. It will boost your metabolism by aquiring lean muscle through busts of interval type training. Leave your boring cardio routine with a shorter and vivid workout. Fat Burning Furnace will only take you 20 minutes three times a week.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – Effectiveness:

The Fat Burning Furnace System is a great overall plan to boost your cardiovascular health. This package is a very fun concept particularly those who are tired of jogging and stationary biking. It will also build a healthy body and raise your RMR (resting metabolic rate).

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Key features/specifications:

There are 3 levels to the fat burning furnace review system, Deluxe, Ultimate and the Ultimate version with the BlowTorch video upgrade.

  • Deluxe. You will get the main 158 page digital manual and you get 3 months email coaching.
  • Ultimate. With this package you will get the guide and two online tools which is the metabolic Rate Calculator and the Bodyfat Analyzer. It also includes a detailed Progress Tracker for the workouts.
  • BlowTorch Upgrade. If you want to get serious, this upgrade will advance you through everything in the main guide. It will give you everything plus a 21 digital manual with 7 videos where the author literally does a workout in front of you.


  • Very detailed and well written guide.
  • This system gives a better cardio workout.
  • No warm-up required. Very quick workouts.
  • The Fat Burning Furnace will tell you the reasons for exercise and why the method works and how it will work.
  • Gives way to do limited workout just using bodyweight is you don’t have access to a gym.


  • Not much…
  • The exercises require weights.
  • Shows mainly about the exercises with some focus on eating right.

Final thoughts:

The Fat Burning Furnace review is a solid exercise program for men and women who wish to burn fat, improve fitness, and get in shape. Get yours today for a special price!

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Frequently asked questions

Is Fat Burning Furnace works for both men and women?

Yes it works! It is because men and women burn fat almost the same exact way.

Am I too old for the Fat Burning Furnace?

You should check your doctor first prior to using FBF techniques, but many users all over the globe get great results in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

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Is Fat burning Furnace a scam or do you have any Fat Burning Furnace Complaints?  Leave your opinions below…

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  1. Flona says:

    Heavy weight is the breaker of happiness in your daily life.You can not lead your life peacefully.Fat burning program is a good solution for you.You can loose your weight slowly day day with subsequent step.You will also get a specific diet shedule here.I first time thought that it is just a story but gradually I understand that this it is really a good one.You have the opportunity to test various program.If you follow the whole structure you will get the result rapidly.

  2. phoebe says:

    This is the best workout for me! With only 20 minutes three times a week, Fat Burning Furnace has helped me a lot to slim down. This will cost you a shorter time compared to other workouts but still it delivers great results. Well, I would say greater than others. Shorter time plus better results means it is more effective. That is why I highly recommend this product especially to those who have a hectic schedule. Twenty minutes will not hurt you that much. Aside from slimming down, it will also boost your cardiovascular health. Isn’t this product amazing? Well, I personally tried this product I can prove to you that this one is really great! I so love this product.

  3. nancy says:

    Losing weight while boosting your cardiovascular health at the same time is really great, right? And believe me, this workout guide will do it for you. This is the best! In just twenty minutes three times a week, I achieved great results in just a short period of time. Plus, the manual is very detailed. I didn’t have a hard time following the guide throughout the whole activity. The workout is very quick with no required warm-up. You need not to access a fitness gym. You can do everything inside your room or in any space in your house where you feel comfortable. This is very effective and safe to use. Thanks to Fat Burning Furnace, I achieved this healthy body I have now.

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