Selling Photos Online Facts & Myths

takepicture Selling Photos Online Facts & MythsIf you’ve ever wanted to sell photos online then you will be happy to discover there is a wide assortment of places you can go to make residual income from your images. These sites are widely known as as stock photo websites and typically pay you each time an image you upload is downloaded for use.

The great thing about these sites is you license your images which basically means a person can use your image put not resell it once they purchase usage rights. This enables you to sell the same image over and over multiple times. There are many people who make a full time income through image downloads.

The most successful pictures are those that are of crystal clear quality with any granularity or noise. Many businesses and website owners use stock photographs in their marketing materials, advertising creatives and website content. By looking at the most downloaded photos on the top stock photo sites you can get a feel for what types of images people are looking for. In my experience there are way to many landscape type shots to make those ones worth uploading. A lot of your success also depends ont he keywords you use to associate with your images. Adding proper keywords or tagging your photos properly can make all the difference when potential customer are searching for an image to purchase.

Some of the most popular stock photo websites are:



Jupiter Images -



Getty Images

Stock Photo

BigStock Photo

Punch Stock


Acclaim Images

For more information about how to get paid for pictures click this link. There you will find a variety of ways to make money with a camera as well as how to maximize your earnings with stock photography websites.

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  1. Matt says:

    I have a great obsession for capturing a variety of photos. I collected over thousands of photos in the past few years. This fascination of mine always used to make me wonder if there were any ways I could earn a great deal of acknowledgement as well as cash over them. And make my photos right protected. It was the combination of all these issues that provoked me to look for some source which could facilitate me in this regard.

    After searching over internet and other internet based journals I finally came up with a list of these valuable sites which actually paid me for my photos collection and gave me exclusive rights of my work. Since there are a number of these sites, an individual like me can actually make a handsome deal of money over them. It gave me a splendid feeling actually see my photo work over different marketing sites being used as an attraction for the customers. The list of the sites is great for everyone, with the same passion as I have, can avail this lucrative opportunity.

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