Inflatable Kayak Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Review

inflatablekayak Inflatable Kayak Advanced Elements Advanced Frame ReviewThis inflatable kayak from Advanced Elements may very well be one of the best purchases you’ve ever made. These inflatable kayaks are sturdy, well constructed and great for anyone who likes to travel. Once you get the hang of it this kayak can be inflated in around 15 minutes, and is the perfect accessory to take along your next weekend adventure.

This advanced elements kayak has seven different chambers. You’ll be surprised to notice that as soon as you fill the kayak, it becomes surprisingly sturdy almost like a hard shell. Its total length is 10’5″ with a 32 inch width and it weighs 36 pounds. The max weight capacity for this inflatable kayak is 300 pounds.

One of the great things about this inflatable kayak is it doesn’t require a roof rack or low storage. You can take it anywhere you want, store it away in the trunk of your car, inflate it up and be on your way. The kayak breaks down in approximately 10 minutes into a bag the size of a medium suitcase.

The kayak features a hybrid folding frame with inflation, and performs surprisingly well. Built-in aluminum ribs make up the bow and stern and increase trackability. The high support adjustable padded seat makes for a comfortable ride. The kayak is also tough and boasts three layers of double coated ripstop material for superior resistance from punctures. Inflatable kayak comes with a duffel storage bag, repair kit, and foldable seat.

This inflatable kayak from advanced elements is highly recommended for anyone who’s looking to get into kayaking, loves traveling, or just wants a kayak to take on casual trips.

Here are some of the best features of the – Advanced Elements inflatable kayak

  • Superior performance comparable to hard shell kayaks
  • Excellent portability, and inflates easily
  • Aluminum ribs in bow and stern improve kayaks tracking
  • perfect length at 10’5″
  • Adjustable padded seat provides plenty of comfortable padding and support
  • inflatable kayak comes preassembled from the factory. Just unfold, inflate, and attach seat
  • Extreme puncture resistance thanks to three layers of ripstop material
  • One year manufacturers warranty from Advanced Elements

Have you tried this inflatable kayak from advanced elements? If so we’d like to hear your experiences with this product, please leave your comments and review below to share with others.


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