Bug Zapper Racket

bugzapperracket Bug Zapper RacketBug Zapper Racket

With a swing of your bug zapper racket you can kill flies, mosquito’s, gnats, moths and other troublesome flying insects. Small enough that you can take the unit with you wherever you go it’s effective indoors as well as camping, or fishing.

Unlike a normal flyswatter that requires you use a powerful swing to kill insects, an electric grid flyswatter uses a high voltage power source to kill pests. When the electric grid area comes in contact with a bug it is administered a fatal electric shock that kills it without having to squash it, which is often the case with normal flyswatters.

An on off button lets you activate the insect zapper for use. It is powered by two AA batteries and eliminates the need to squash bugs. Be sure to keep the zapper away from children and pets as it’s not a toy. The unit is also fragile and care should be taken to avoid dropping. Once bugs come into contact with the zapper they should drop to the floor dead.

Here’s some of the best features of the Racket Zapper:

  • Bug Zapper Racket kills insects by swinging the device at them
  • Works to kill mosquito’s, flies, gnats and other flying bugs
  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • On/Off button activates the zapper net and release the button to deactivate

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